What is Stargardt’s disease?


Stargardt disease is a rare genetic eye disease that happens when fatty material builds up on the macula — the small part of the retina needed for sharp, central vision. Vision loss usually starts in childhood — but some people with Stargardt disease don’t start to lose their vision until their adults.

Bradford and Bryan Manning were both diagnosed with it when they were 7 years old, and by the time they reached their 30s, their core vision was lost. The majority of what they view is seen out of the sides of their eyes, or with their peripheral vision. As the two brothers’ vision was deteriorating, they were becoming more and more determined to assist those who also had vision problems. When shopping for clothes, they prefer soft clothes as they often have to use their touch, not their sight, to choose items, and this is what gave them the inspiration to create Two Blind Brothers, an apparel firm in 2016.

Knowing most people with Stargardt’s relies on touch, the company makes soft clothing and donates 100% of the profits to charities that help fight blindness, like the Foundation Fighting Blindness. In addition, they sell mystery boxes filled with a variety of its ultra-soft items, including shirts, socks, and beanies. Each box is sent to a blind customer that has no idea what is inside.

Since 2016, Bradford and Bryan’s business, Two Blind Brothers, has developed quickly; they have donated well over a million dollars to organizations that promote the treatment of blindness.

Check out their clothing site below.


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