“Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others? '

- Martin Luther King Jr. -

Find an organization you can trust

We realize how important it is to do your homework before donating to a cause, and we also know how important it is to know that your gift is going to the right place.

We have a database of over 1.5 million nonprofits that we use to research roughly 200 records weekly, before uploading data to the site. Our research confirms their 501c status, it also includes reviewing projects and activities in their community, and volunteer opportunities that we list on the site as well.

In our journey to support contributors, our team of experts devotes hours upon hours, seven days a week researching hundreds of charities, nonprofits, and schools that actively make a difference.

We connect with organizations and learn about their missions. We analyze data, ratings, and financial and annual reports; review social media platforms to hear what people have to say; we look through each

organization’s website that is listed in the Incredible Hearts directory to find current projects and determine urgent or ongoing needs. Additionally, we look at their social media presence, website, and if referenced, reviews. Once we confirm at least 90% of the above, we upload records to the Incredible Hearts site directory.

It’s important to do your research before donating to an organization or charity; you want to be certain your donation is truly supporting the communities they serve.  That is why we try to do all of the work for you. Our deep-dive research will assist you in determining a nonprofit’s program, as well as how your philanthropic goal fits into its mission.

How to use Incredible Hearts

1) Lookup a charity

Start by looking up organizations by cause, name, EIN, or state.  You can do so from the home page in the search option or go to Cause Categories. Please note, that we’re constantly adding new nonprofit data weekly after verifying their IRS status, review status/standing, and other pertinent information (financials, ratings, etc.) listed by Charity Navigator and GuideStar.

2) Read reviews and testimonials

To find out what other people think of the organization and the types of volunteer opportunities offered, read reviews left by customers, donors, and other stakeholders.

3) Write a Review

To write a review you must create a free account. In doing so you will be prompted to specify if you’re an individual or an organization. Once you’ve completed creating your account go to Write A Review at the top page.

4) Get in Touch with a Nonprofit or School

Contact the organization by using the website, email, or phone number listed on their profile.

5) How can I donate goods, such as school supplies, food, clothes, blankets, and hygiene products instead of cash?

Once you’re on the organization’s Incredible Hearts post page, you can support their cause by clicking on their support links (Wishlist or Make a Donation) on their profile. You can also view their volunteer opportunities.

6) Will my donation go directly to the charity?

Yes. Less the standard credit card processing fee set by the CC service provider; and a 20% maintenance fee for GivingKindly’s backend and front-end program services.

7) I cannot find a specific nonprofit.

If you cannot find the nonprofit you’re looking for, please send us the name of the organization so we can get them added. Email us at support@incrediblehearts.org

For additional questions and answers go to our Support Center.

Donor Thank You Gift

To make a monetary donation to a charity on Incredible Hearts, go to the charities or schools’ post page, and click on the donation images labeled ‘Donation’.
Once your donation is processed you will receive a Thank You email with a link included to download a FREE mobile app to receive your gift to:
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