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GivigingKindly is a unique online fundraising platform available nationwide. It is designed to be a smarter way to raise money easily and more effectively. Whether you’re a nonprofit, school, team, or group, you can fundraise and receive donations from all across the United States and reward your supporters with valuable savings in their area.

It’s Safer – Fundraising groups are often youths, and to protect our youth we strongly suggest NOT going to people they do not know. Through GivingKindly people can reach those they know through email, social media, and even texting – all without exposing themselves to risk.

It Allows Groups to Reach More People – Online fundraising opens your audience to include out-of-town, and even out-of-country connections.

It Offers More & Easier Ways to Give – Fewer people carry cash these days, the preferred payment method is debit or credit cards. Online fundraising gives more control back to the giver, allowing them to use their preferred method, on their own time, and in any amount, they feel they are able t

The Facts about GivingKindly

What Exactly Is GivingKindly?

GivingKindly makes online fundraising simple, rewarding, and enjoyable. 

A safe, team-friendly fundraising platform that uses the Internet’s power to help organizations raise more money. Donations can be collected from friends and family no matter where they live, whether they live down the street or across the country. Donors can easily donate to your organization thanks to this turnkey crowdfunding platform!

Raising money online means NO door-to-door selling, NO product inventory to maintain, and NO collection hassles. Plus your supporters are rewarded with a THANK YOU gift — money-saving discounts that give your fundraiser instant appeal over other online fundraising platforms.

Each GivingKindly fundraiser is simple to set up, includes a plethora of reporting and promotional tools, and rewards every donor with a thank-you gift discount card good for 25%, 40%, or 50% off at popular restaurants and retailers from coast to coast. Unlike competing platforms, this fundraiser has immediate appeal.

Simply put, we have it all​

Our turnkey platform handles everything,
making deployment simple.

We’ll coordinate your marketing. To make an impact, put your brand, photo, or video on the fundraising page.

We’ll coordinate your marketing

Maximize exposure

Our integrated share buttons make notifying hundreds of supporters via email, text, and social media easy..

We never have to collect money because of online and mobile payment processing, and we always thank donors.

Exchanges online

Auto-generated directives

Automated instructions help followers access their mobile app and withdraw cash for their trip.

You have real-time access to the fundraising campaign and can see who’s contributing.

Full access

Donors receive a Thank You gift!

Mobile Thank You Gift

Thank You gifts really sets us apart from other online fundraisers. While donors give to causes from the heart, they too would like to know whatever they give is appreciated.

After your donor makes a donation they will be a link to download a FREE mobile that instantly finds the nearest discount offers within their neighborhood. All they have to do is show their phone to instantly save 10-50% off what the general public would pay.

  • Over 700 million mobile coupons Nationwide
  • Savings of 10-50% off from America’s top brands and local stores
  • Exclusive savings to over 900 popular brands

No other fundraising platform offers a collection of mobile coupons this size, spanning both national brands and local merchants in such popular categories as dining, shopping, hotels, recreation and auto services, and more.

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