10 Ways to Show Your Incredible Heart

Academic development naturally slows down when basic necessities like access to running water, food, and a bed cannot be provided. Lack of stability, security, and shelter causes attendance problems, sleep deprivation, high stress, and nutritional, health, and hygiene issues.

There are a variety of significant ways to support these young students even if you are not a professional educator working directly with homeless K–12 or college students. If someone wants to donate money to the effort to end teenage homelessness, there are many deserving organizations that will accept it, and if someone wants to volunteer their time, there are a plethora of creative groups who are actively looking for volunteers.

Nothing needs to be done from scratch or by one person. Think about forming alliances to share skills for a greater impact, generating benefits for both communities and enterprises at once. Engage workers who want to be a part of an organization that values social responsibility to enhance brand recognition and goodwill.

In-Kind Gifting

Incredible Hearts is partnered with one of the leading suppliers of wholesale goods for nonprofits, schools, businesses, and betterment organizations. By numbers, 40,000+ Nonprofit Customers, 300+ U.S Warehouses, 4,142,713 Backup Supplied to Charitable Partners, and 10,126,163 Toys & Games Purchased for Kids in Need.

Why Give Gifts-In-Kind Items?

The in-kind giving of new, needed items promotes transparency in the charitable giving process. Donors know the exact use of their dollars when supporting a cause and can feel the direct impact of their gift.

Homeless Education Program common donation request includes:

  • Funding: For student uniforms, transportation, meals, spring break, and summer programming
  • Gift Cards: Gift card donations for items such as shoes, unusual uniform sizes, uniforms, dart passes, and urgent needs (supplies, utility bills).
  • Materials / Supplies: Unused Sleeping bags, pillows, blankets, sheets, non-perishable food, school supplies uniforms, and jackets.

Merchant Marketing Partner Program

Businesses should be vested in education because of their need for a strong pool of local workers to choose from and consumers who can afford their products. By allocating a portion of your company’s charitable giving to local schools we will help you increase foot traffic.

10 Ways to help

  1. Let your schools know about homelessness. Schools may be unaware of the extent of homelessness among children, as well as the educational rights of children who are homeless under the McKinney-Vento Act. Offer information to your school administrators, principals, PTA, and others who work with students.

  2. Inform your community about homelessness and the educational rights of children who are homeless, including shelter providers, soup kitchens, public housing authorities, low-cost motels, faith-based organizations, community action agencies, libraries, and welfare departments.

  3. Ask local businesses if they will post materials on the educational rights of children who are homeless. Laundromats, convenience stores, libraries, and other businesses may be ideal places for families who are homeless or at risk of losing their housing to learn about their educational rights and who to contact for help.

  4. Conduct a school supply drive. Families who are homeless may not be able to afford basic supplies such as pencils, paper, backpacks, folders, crayons, or calculators. Work with local service agencies, as well as your school district’s homeless liaison, to make sure those children in need receive the supplies.

  5. Conduct a drive for school clothing or uniforms. Families who are homeless may not be able to afford new clothes for their children, including shoes and items such as eyeglasses. Again, work with your local service agencies, as well as your school district’s homeless liaison, to make sure that you collect the appropriate kinds of clothing.

  6. Help volunteer at a before or after-school program. Check with local service providers as well as your school district’s liaison to see what programs already exist, and find out if children who are homeless need help at these programs with materials or tutors. If the school district doesn’t offer any after-school programs, work with local shelters or service providers to provide tutoring or homework help at the shelter or motel.

  7. Offer to volunteer at a local school. Many schools are in need of volunteers for such activities as doing background research for lessons and activities; decorating and/or painting classrooms and public areas; providing clerical assistance; assisting school counselors, nurses, and other staff with their duties. Let your school know that you have an interest in helping children who are disadvantaged.

  8. Contact local pre-school and early childhood programs and talk to them about homelessness. Check with local service providers as well as your school district’s liaison to see what pre-school or early childhood programs already exist, and find out if children who are homeless are able to access these programs. Offer to volunteer or contribute money or other resources to help homeless children benefit from early childhood programs.

  9. Contact local drop-in centers or other programs for youth who are homeless on their own. Provide information on the educational rights of these young people. If appropriate, offer to mentor homeless youth at your place of business.

  10. Contribute financially to your school district’s homeless education program.
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