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Incredible Hearts helps public school district Homeless Liaisons and other school administrators fundraise for important school-wide projects and student homeless initiatives that cannot be met through government or other funding sources.

Through our crowdfunding and Wishlist platforms, we provide schools with a number of options for receiving the money they require as well as in-kind donations to meet the needs of homeless and low-income students.

Our educational directory contains all 50 State Homeless Coordinators in addition to every public school by state and LEA’s/Homeless Liaison for each district. To confirm your district profile is listed go to Liaison Directory, scroll down the page then click on your state.  Once there, in the ‘red’ search bar, enter the school district name.  If you cannot your district, please send us an email to add support@incrediblehearts.org.



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Secure Donation Platform

Donations can be collected right from your Incredible Hearts profile page.

Our smart automated marketing system makes raising money fast and simple. Participants simply enter the contact information of friends, family, and other supporters, and the Incredible Hearts fundraising platform goes to work. It’s the ONLY online fundraiser that includes a thank-you gift for your supporters — discounts from popular businesses throughout America. Donations Pay for themselves.

What is the cost of starting a fundraiser?

The setup of your personalized fundraising site is free. However, there is a minor platform maintenance cost of $4.50 that is deducted from each gift, as well as a credit card fee of $2.9% + $.30 per donation. $35.00 has been set as the minimum donation for all donor campaigns.

GivingKindly’s donation platform is powered by Stripe, which levies the aforementioned transaction fee of 2.9% + 30 cents. Transaction fees do not generate revenue for Incredible Hearts.

Your organization profile page will instantly be connected to GivingKindly from their Incredible Hearts profile page.

Is there a limit on the number of fundraisers our club can run?

No. But we recommend that you only run one at a time. You don’t want to wear out your family and friends’ generosity.

Can we track our progress?

Yes. For your active campaign, you’ll be able to see how many donors have helped you, donation amounts, and your real-time progress toward the goal.

A Thank You Gift Can Offset Donations

A thank-you gift really sets the Incredible Hearts donation platform, GivingKindy, apart from other online fundraisers. Your donors receive a gift that comes in the form of America’s largest discount network, with relevant everyday savings in cities and towns across the nation. Donors can easily offset their donation by saving money at restaurants, shops, hotels, services, and more, nationwide.

How do donors receive their thank you gift?

Donors receive a thank you email with easy instructions on how to log in and register for the discount network. It includes print-and-save coupons at 300,000 merchants and over 200,000 show-your-phone-and-save mobile coupons.

Donors can use this discount network for 6 months after registering.

Giving Made Easy!

We’ve partnered with one of the top wholesale distribution centers in the US. Through this partnership, we’re able to extend our fundraising resources by adding a Wishlist tool for nonprofits, schools, and charitable organizations.  You can fundraise throughout the year and quickly collect goods and products you need in bulk quantities.

The Incredible Hearts gifting program empowers organizations to collaborate in the creation and promotion of virtual wish list campaigns.

Our team works hands-on to connect nonprofits, government agencies, businesses, employees, and donors to promote and complete campaigns.

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Community Outreach Support

We’ll Make the Calls!

We are aware of how important it is to raise public awareness of societal issues like student homelessness and to educate people about the sheer number of children affected across the country. Homelessness is stigmatized and misunderstood widely because the underlying causes are not understood. As a result, many people find it challenging to understand the root causes of homelessness and the negative stereotypes that surround the homeless.

Through storytelling, fostering important dialogue, and acting as ardent supporters, we hope to educate communities. With the help of this, attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs can be positively influenced.

These values and beliefs frequently change and align with one another as we come to a shared understanding. We learn more about how it affects us and our community, which enables us to collaborate to bring about change.

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