Teacher from the U.K walks miles to deliver meals to students

Powles oversaw a program for students with challenging behavior at a Grimsby elementary school in the U.K. prior to Covid. He was I’ve in charge of the department for nine years. “Probably six times a week, a child hits me,” Powles said. “They’re simply connecting me in the only way they can-you get past it and identify the true source of the issue.”

One of the most impoverished areas in the UK is Grimsby. Powles asserts that “families don’t have much.” Students frequently arrive at school in hunger. “The vast majority of families are making the best efforts, but they are having difficulty. There are cycles and generational difficulties.

When the U.K. went into a lockdown on March 23, 2020, Powles looked at the roster to gather the addresses of children receiving free school meals. Once determined, Powles arrived at school at 7:30 a.m. to make the lunch bags along with the headteacher and anyone else there.

Each day, 85 to 100 dinners were scheduled to be delivered. With a bin liner filled with snacks, he would leave on foot wearing two backpacks, one on each side of his body.  Every day, he carried about 50kg. To reload, he would have to return in the middle of the morning. Because of the weight, the straps would bare down into his shoulders causing discomfort. Some days were hot; sweat would be dripping down his back in the heat.


Because of all the walking, Powles severely injured his knee and is now waiting for surgery. If you asked him, would he do it again? The answer would be, yes.  It’s because he could relate to these families. Growing up he too received free school lunches while a child and attended six different primary schools.

“I have such a connection to these kids,” among other things.  He explained that his mother covered up a lot of it because she was an excellent mother and tried her hardest under trying conditions.”

Powles delivered 15,000 dinners, spread out over 900 miles, during three lockdowns.

What a hero!


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