Incredible Hearts is a website where nonprofits, charities, and schools may share and upload information about their organizations and efforts. We also provide customized services to assist them in establishing their brand as well as fundraising opportunities to assist them in achieving their financial goals that will go towards their mission.

We’re a small team of professionals who decided to combine our skills and services to help worthy causes. Our giving hearts serves as a propeller for our desire to make a positive difference in our community and abroad. We are on a mission to empower businesses and individuals to better engage in their community’s byway of acts-of-kindness and direct giving.

What makes us unique is that we have a dedicated outreach team that calls organizations on a weekly basis to learn more about them and their aims in order to provide accurate information on our directory and to potentially link them with people who want to support good causes. We make these calls and do the research because we want to help connect individuals with causes that are meaningful to them.

The Process

Our database has over 1.7 million nonprofits, schools, and charitable organizations that have been researched and curated by our team of specialists to link them with people like you!

We realize how important it is to do your homework before donating to a cause, and we also know how important it is to know that your gift is going to the right place. As a result, we conduct the research for you. Financial records, ratings, data, social media, and anything else that can assist us establish their legitimacy and 501(c)(3) certification are reviewed by our trained researchers. This also includes reviewing projects and activities in their community, and volunteer opportunities that we list on the site.

We research 200 to 250 weekly, and once records are confirmed they are added to Incredible Heart’s online directory. Incredible Hearts is committed to conducting extensive research in order to match you with a non-profit whose goal resonates with you. Our team of professionals invests hours upon hours, seven days a week, to study with the purpose of relieving the overwhelm by linking individuals with causes in the United States and worldwide.


Our Mission

To empower businesses, and individuals to better engage in their communities by way of acts-of-kindness and direct giving.


Our Vision

A world we’re LOVE cancels out hate, and kindness becomes second nature.

Core Values





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