Generator That Can Turn Air To Water


A Texas man is providing access to clean water to people all around the world as part of efforts to address the ongoing water problem and end the drought.  Moses West created the atmospheric water generator (AWG), a device that converts air into potable water. West, made it his personal goal to provide clean, inexpensive drinking water to those in need.

After an 11-year military career in which he researched water systems, West had the notion. He first encountered a water generator in Hawaii, where he observed a neighbor using one to collect roughly five gallons of water. In 2015, West went back to Texas, where he created his first AWG machine. With the aid of an investor, he developed one that produced 868 gallons of water per day, exceeding federal government and WHO regulations while using only 638.1-kilowatt hours of diesel fuel energy per day.

“Our atmosphere is the most abundant source of water we have. And now we have this technology in our hands…where we can tap into this water. To me, we’re in no-brainer territory,” Moses said.

How it operates:

The AWG draws water molecules (H2O) from the atmosphere and initiates the air’s normal condensation process using water vapor. The water is then collected, put through a water filtration system, and made for immediate use.

One in three people, or roughly 785 million people, lack access to essential water services, according to the World Health Organization. West’s AWG machine makes it possible to extract pure, unpolluted water instantaneously. With the distribution of knowledge about his idea, West intends to permanently address the situation where 884 million people lack access to clean drinking water.

Since those initial experiments, West has carried his AWG machine to Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, and Flint, Michigan, where locals battled the impacts of a tainted water system and provided millions of gallons to hurricane-devastated island nations. There is no lack of water since we are drawing from the finest available source, he said.


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