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A lack of hygiene supplies for those in need is a prevalent problem that is rarely discussed, as Jeff Feingold discovered in 2010 while donating items to a nearby children’s shelter.

Homelessness and food insecurity are well-known problems, and there are a huge number of food banks and shelters working hard to help all around the United States. Since these necessities can be expensive and cannot be bought with food stamp benefits, many people in need lack access to them. 58 percent of low-income families said they had to reduce their food intake in order to pay for hygiene items, according to a Feeding America survey. One in four of them did so on a monthly basis.

“In our household, I talk about a quote which is, ‘To those who much is given, much is expected,’” Feingold said. “I realized that it was a really big responsibility of mine to give back and also to teach my kids how lucky they are.”

As a result, he founded the charitable organization Hope & Comfort. Feingold began the project in his garage by purchasing hygiene products, packaging them with the aid of his two kids, and distributing them to organizations in Massachusetts. The intention was to assist in meeting the requirements of the people non-profits and shelters provide for, needs that are frequently expensive to provide.

Eventually, the nonprofit expanded and relocated into a warehouse and started collaborating with organizations statewide that are working with populations facing hygiene insecurity, such as local shelters, food banks, and youth services.

“There are wonderful organizations that already exist in the basic need space,” Feingold said. “And we do not want to be rewriting the wheel. Our role is really to supercharge the mission of other wonderful non-profits.”

They have given approximately 3 million hygiene goods to more than 200 non-profits. In 2020 alone Hope & Comfort donated more than 2 million products. ~ Hope & Comfort 💓


Source http://hopeandcomfort.org


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