Why are donations important?

The Real Reasons Why Donations Are Important For Nonprofits and Charities

If you’ve been feeling unfulfilled either with your job, or home life, or even just in general, giving back might be the pick-me-up you need. It’s widely known that donating to non-profit organizations and charities makes us happier, but how does our giving as individuals impact these organizations? Keep reading, and we’ll tell you how.

Money makes the world go round, some say, but if you put your money towards a good cause, you’re playing an impactful role in bettering our society. If you need a push to get into a charitable mood or need a reminder of the importance of giving, here are five reasons why your donations are essential for nonprofits and charities.

1. Individual donations inspire others to get involved.

Did you know that your giving helps rally others to join a cause? It’s true! Sharing your giving experience with your friends and family, or even your followers on social media, will affect people’s perceived value of the organization and giving itself.

Research shows that people are more likely to trust the opinions of a friend or family member over other forms of ads, and those same people are 83% more likely to take action on those opinions, too. The next time you give, don’t be shy about it. Remember, you have the power to inspire others to take action!

2. Individuals, not institutions, make up the majority of charitable giving.

Whether you believe it or not, we have people to thank for keeping charitable organizations up and running. If you thought big corporations were the ones donating the most, think again because individual giving accounted for over 70% of all donations in 2016. That means that without your help, organizations would not be able to make a difference in society.

3. Donations help organizations further their cause.

Non-profits and charities rely on fundraising and donor support to keep the organizations afloat. Despite being not for profits, these organizations still have bills to pay, resources that they must buy, and employees and staff to pay, as well.

Without the help of donations, organizations literally would not be able to operate to their fullest capacity. Charities need your assistance to afford the resources and necessities they need to make a difference.

4. Charitable acts encourage young people to donate to important causes.

When you volunteer to a cause or make a donation, don’t forget to include your kids in the process. Teaching children the importance of giving early will influence their likelihood to give back down the line. Small gifts make a difference in the grand scheme of donations, meaning your child’s $5 donation makes up that 70% of individual giving we talked about earlier. Show your kids the change they can inspire in the world through giving!

5. Donations help keep people invested in a mission.

If you’re giving your money away, you’re more likely to become invested in a cause because you’ve literally invested into it. Non-profits and charitable organizations are notoriously understaffed and lack resources, so volunteers are highly welcomed. Donations are the first step to getting more involved in an organization, so don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty!

Now that you know why donations are so impactful and essential to the efforts of non-profits and charities, how will you give back today?

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