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Incredible Hearts proudly presents “GivingKindly,” a state-of-the-art fundraising powerhouse platform designed to elevate your fundraising efforts to new heights. Accessible from anywhere, GivingKindly is equipped with cutting-edge security measures, advanced optimization features, and an array of user-friendly options to ensure a seamless and effective fundraising experience.

Key Features of GivingKindly:
Universal Accessibility:
  • Access the platform from any device, anywhere in the world, ensuring that you can manage and monitor your fundraising campaigns on the go.

Top-Notch Security:
  • Benefit from robust security protocols that protect your data and financial transactions, providing peace of mind for both you and your donors.

Advanced Optimization:
  • Leverage built-in optimization tools designed to enhance your fundraising strategies, ensuring maximum reach and engagement.

User-Friendly Interface:
  • Enjoy a straightforward, intuitive interface that simplifies campaign creation, management, and analysis, making it easy for users of all skill levels to navigate and utilize.

Comprehensive Analytics:
  • Gain valuable insights with detailed analytics and reporting features that help you track performance, understand donor behavior, and make data-driven decisions.

Customizable Campaigns:
  • Create personalized fundraising campaigns with customizable templates, branding options, and messaging to resonate with your target audience.

Integrated Payment Solutions:
  • Seamlessly integrate various payment methods to accommodate your donors’ preferences, ensuring a smooth donation process.

Real-Time Updates:
  • Stay informed with real-time updates and notifications about your campaign’s progress and donor interactions.

Collaboration Tools:
  • Utilize collaboration features to work with your team, assign tasks, and manage roles effectively within the platform.

Donor Relationship Management:
  • Build and maintain strong relationships with your donors through integrated CRM tools that help you track interactions and personalize communications.

GivingKindly’s Digital Card Fundraising Solution, a cutting-edge platform that harnesses the boundless potential of the internet to supercharge your fundraising efforts! Say goodbye to door-to-door selling; our digital card system offers a safe, convenient, and rewarding experience for all your supporters.

Key Features of GivingKindly's Digital Card Fundraising Solution:
Effortless Fundraising:
  • Schools and groups can seamlessly collect donations from supporters near and far, regardless of their location, eliminating the need for in-person selling.

Supporter Rewards:
  • Every supporter receives a thank you gift, enhancing donor satisfaction and encouraging continued support.

Easy Launch Process:
  • Launching each fundraiser is a breeze with our user-friendly setup. Simply follow the guided steps to get your campaign up and running quickly.

Comprehensive Reporting Tools:
  • Gain access to detailed reporting tools that provide insights into campaign performance, donor activity, and overall progress, helping you make informed decisions.

Promotional Support:
  • Utilize a suite of promotional tools designed to boost your campaign’s visibility and reach. Share your fundraiser through social media, email, and other digital channels with ease.

Secure Platform:
  • Enjoy peace of mind with robust security measures that protect your data and transactions, ensuring a safe fundraising environment for your organization and supporters.

Customization Options:
  • Tailor your digital cards to reflect your school or group’s branding and message, making your fundraiser more personal and impactful.

Real-Time Updates:
  • Stay informed with real-time updates on donations and campaign milestones, allowing you to monitor progress and adjust strategies as needed.

Donor Engagement:
  • Engage with your donors through personalized thank you messages and regular updates, fostering a strong and loyal support base.

Accessible Anywhere:
  • Supporters can participate from anywhere in the world, making it easier to reach a broader audience and maximize donations.

Hosting a charity golf outing can be an extraordinary and enjoyable way to raise funds. Whether you’re a novice golfer, planning your first event, or looking to boost player and sponsor participation in your next outing, we are here to ensure your event is stellar and highly successful.

Why Choose a Charity Golf Outing?
Engaging and Fun:
  • Golf outings provide a relaxed and enjoyable environment, making it easier to attract participants and sponsors.
Wide Appeal:
  • Golf is a popular sport that appeals to a diverse group of people, increasing the potential reach of your fundraising efforts.

Networking Opportunities:
  • These events offer excellent networking opportunities for participants, sponsors, and organizers, fostering community and business connections.


How We Ensure Your Success

Comprehensive Event Planning:
  • From selecting the perfect venue to organizing event logistics, our team will guide you through every step of the planning process to ensure a seamless experience.
Customized Marketing Strategies:
  • We’ll help you develop targeted marketing campaigns to attract golfers, sponsors, and donors, maximizing participation and contributions.
Sponsorship Acquisition:
  • Leverage our expertise to secure sponsorships, offering tailored packages that provide value to businesses and increase your event’s revenue.

Player Recruitment:
  • Utilize our strategies to attract a wide range of players, from beginners to seasoned golfers, ensuring a full roster and competitive atmosphere.
On-Site Event Management:
  • Our experienced staff will be on-site to manage the event, handle any issues that arise, and ensure everything runs smoothly.
Fundraising Enhancement:
  • Integrate additional fundraising activities such as silent auctions, raffles, and donation drives to boost your event’s overall revenue.
Post-Event Follow-Up:
  • After the event, we’ll assist with follow-up communications to thank participants and sponsors, share results, and maintain engagement for future events.

Incredible Hearts Wishlist Connection is a powerful tool designed to support nonprofits and public schools in achieving their missions. While cash donations are invaluable for purchasing supplies and addressing various needs, many donors prefer the tangible impact of fulfilling a Wishlist. By creating and distributing a Wishlist to your community, you can significantly enhance your fundraising efforts and expedite the delivery of essential supplies.

Key Features of the Incredible Hearts Wishlist Connection
Effortless Wishlist Creation:
  • Easily create a detailed Wishlist of the items your organization needs. Include everything from office supplies and educational materials to specific equipment and resources.
Direct Item Delivery
  • Donors can search for and purchase items directly from your Wishlist. These items are then shipped straight to your organization, ensuring you receive exactly what you need.
Enhanced Donor Engagement:
  • Offer your supporters an alternative to monetary donations, allowing them to contribute in a way that feels more personal and impactful.
Community Involvement:
  • Distribute your Wishlist to your community through various channels such as email, social media, and your organization’s website. Engaging your community in this manner can increase support and awareness of your needs.
Seamless Account Setup:
  • Approved 501(c)(3) organizations can create a free account, enabling them to set up and manage their Wishlist with ease. The approval process ensures that all participating organizations meet nonprofit standards.
Steps to Get Started

Approval and Account Creation:

  • Ensure your organization is an approved 501(c)(3). If not, you may need to complete the necessary steps to obtain this status.
  • Visit the Incredible Hearts Wishlist Connection platform and create a free account for your organization.

Build Your Wishlist:
  • Once your account is set up, start building your Wishlist. Select a range of items that cater to your organization’s specific needs.

Promote Your Wishlist:
  • Share your Wishlist with your community through newsletters, social media posts, and your organization’s website. The more visibility your Wishlist has, the more likely you are to receive the items you need.

Receive and Utilize Donations:
  • As donors purchase items from your Wishlist, these are shipped directly to your organization. Ensure you acknowledge these donations and update your Wishlist regularly to reflect current needs.

Thank Your Donors:
  • Maintain a strong relationship with your donors by thanking them for their contributions. Personalized thank-you notes or public acknowledgments can go a long way in fostering continued support.
Benefits of Using the Wishlist Connection

Transparency and Trust:
  • Donors appreciate knowing exactly where their money is going. A Wishlist provides transparency, showing donors the specific items their contributions are purchasing.
Targeted Donations:
  • Receive exactly what you need without the hassle of converting cash donations into specific items. This ensures that all donated resources are immediately useful.
Streamlined Fundraising:
  • Simplify the donation process for both your organization and your supporters. A Wishlist is straightforward and can be more appealing to donors who prefer giving tangible items over money.

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