5 Impactful Ways Your Business Benefits From Giving Back

In recent years, there’s been an ongoing push to support small businesses by “shopping small,” and rightfully so. Locally-owned companies create a sense of community, provide access to unique goods, and they’re great for the economy! Shopping local means supporting your greater community, and businesses themselves are no strangers to the art of giving back. […]

Why are donations important?

The Real Reasons Why Donations Are Important For Nonprofits and Charities If you’ve been feeling unfulfilled either with your job, or home life, or even just in general, giving back might be the pick-me-up you need. It’s widely known that donating to non-profit organizations and charities makes us happier, but how does our giving as […]

The Grim Reality of Student Homelessness and How We Can Help

The U.S. Department of Education reported a grim statistic last new year: the number of students who experience homelessness increased to 1.5 million schoolchildren. Since the onset of the pandemic, it’s probably safe to assume this number has risen due to financial hardships experienced by most Americans. Homeless students, who’ve been labeled as the “invisible million,” often […]

7 Ways To Help Children and Youth Make A Difference

Instilling children with positive values like being compassionate and helping others while they’re young is an excellent way to build up little world-changers. No one is too young to make a difference in this world, and encouraging children to be charitable at an early age can help nurture their natural inclination to be kind and […]

Racism is a Pandemic

Racism is a Pandemic and Compassion Could Lead to the Cure Black Americans are fighting against two battles—COVID-19 and the deeply rooted racism of America. Grief has become an all too familiar emotion experienced by Black people in our country. Between the countless murders of unarmed Black men and women by police officers and being […]

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